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Feeding Time

Wednesdays at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

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Feeding Time takes you on a magical trip to get up close with some of the worlds most adored and iconic animals. Guided by their keepers we're going into the enclosures and behind the scenes, discovering the animals fussy eating habits and individual personalities. We find out just how a zoo manages to feed animals from the savannah of Africa, mountains or China or the tundra of the arctic with what is available locally and we'll be there to share the most intimate and exciting moment of each day - Feeding Time.



Episode 1: Gorillas, Pandas, Giraffes and Meerkats 

The Panda mother and cub munch their way through a mountain of bamboo while gorillas dig into their favorites, Romaine lettuce and ketchup. We find out just why the giraffes have such long tongues and what makes up a Meerkat mob.

Episode 2: Penguins, Polar Bears, Lemurs and Rhinos 

In some of the world's best zoo's, we meet some of the most amazing animals - in the UK we share lunch with the critically endangered Lemurs and Black Rhino, while in California we snack with the sleek Magellan Penguins and the mighty Polar Bears.

Episode 3: Monkeys, Elephants, Otters and Grizzly Bears 

In some of the world’s best zoo's, we meet some of the most amazing animals –the Patas, Colobus and Debrazza Monkeys squabble over lunch, the River Otters and Grizzly Bears show off their fishing skills and in the UK, keepers bottle-feed a baby elephant.