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High Octane

Thursdays at 8PM ET / 5PM PT

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The world's elite athletes are no longer found exclusively on the track and field, but in the mountains, waves and ramps of Action Sports. Rather than shaving milliseconds off races these guys and girls are pushing themselves higher, faster and further just for the feeling of totally connecting to their sport and their environment, of being so in the moment that a back flip off a building seems like the right thing to do! In High Octane we travel the world in search of some of the most beautiful locations and most accomplished athletes, from ice climbers and snowboarders in the mountains of Switzerland to the surfers and skaters on the beaches of California, we're there to see just how far they can push themselves before the inevitable wipeout!



Episode 1: Downhill Longboarding vs FMX  

In the heat of southern California we are surfing pavement at almost 50 mph with the longboarders of Santa Monica and hitting the dirt jumps for some monster tricks with the Godfather of freestyle motorcross, Mike Metzger.

Episode 2: Wakeboard vs BMX Dirt Bikes 

Out on the placid Lake McClure, CA, the wakeboarders are throwing some huge jumps behind big boats. And in sleepy Corona, CA, the local BMX crews have built a monster set of kickers for backflips, frontflips, tail whips and 360's.

Episode 3: Skateboarding and Kiteboarding vs Sportbike Freestyle 

In the USA, freestyle riders are doing nose wheelies at 60mph while back in the UK landboarders are harnessing the wind for 30ft high jumps and skateboarders do seemingly impossible flips in the skatepark, but pay for it with some big falls.

Episode 4: Mountain Bikes vs Jet Skis 

At the Jet Ski World Championships, race monster PWC's in the Slalom and do barrel rolls with the Freestyle riders. Then in the forests of Santa Cruz meet freeride mountain bikers who pull backflips over dirt jumps big enough to snap bikes in two.

Episode 5: The Megaramp vs White Water 

Bob Burnquist has pushed skating to new levels with his 8-story Megaramp, throwing him further, faster and higher than ever. Looking for new lines down the American River kayakers and rafters launch themselves into the raging white water.

Episode 6: Rock Climbing vs Free Skiing 

At more than 11,000 feet high in the Swiss Alps, some of Europe’s best free skiers gather for a big day on the of kickers and rails. While in the surreal boulder fields of Joshua Tree National Park our climbers scale 25 ft faces, without any ropes!

Episode 7: Snowboarding vs BMX Vert and Street 

At Camp Woodward West in California some of the world’s best BMX are training some big tricks in the pre competition season. While in the Swiss Alps the snowboarders are taking advantage of the winter sunshine to put in some big tricks.

Episode 8: Ice Climbing vs Sandrails 

In Saas Fee, Switzerland, the world’s strongest and most agile climbers have gathered for the biggest event of the season - the World Cup. In the dunes of southern California the sandrails are pulling some huge jumps in souped-up buggies.

Episode 9: Surfing vs Free Running 

In the self proclaimed Surf City California, pro surfers are riding the Pacific swell, while beach volleyball compete on the sands. In London, UK free runners are turning the city streets and roofs into their action playground.

Episode 10: ATV and UTV vs Inline Skating 

At the action sports paradise Woodward West, pro inliners hit the vert ramps and bowls for some big tricks while the petrol heads on quad bikes are tearing up the sand dunes at Dumont.