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Hillbilly Blood: A Hard Scrabble Life - Season 2

A special 3D/2D simulcast on 3net and Discovery’s Destination America Saturday, April 13 at 10PM ET/PT.

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Up on Cold Mountain, in the heart of the Appalachians, life isn't easy.  Mountain folk have learned get by with little.  But two men up in these hollers truly embody the Hillbilly lifestyle:  inventor Eugene Runkis and his best friend Spencer Bolejack.  Together, these two unlock the secrets of the mountain to help them put food on the table and support their families.  And if that means concocting gadgets from what most people would consider trash, that's suits them just fine.  With their innate Hillbilly skills, they can survive whatever Mother Nature throws in their path.  In Season Two of Hillbilly Blood, the boys' adventures will lead them to track down a moonshiner who's out-brewed Eugene, capture snakes for a traditional Pentecostal church service, dive for submerged lumber with only homemade scuba gear, race to repair a decrepit gem mine that could bury them alive, make all manner of native food and drink, demonstrate hardcore survival skills, and all the while proving that life off the grid can be incredible.