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Live Fire

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This series puts the audience through the toughest training of the American military. 3D cameras take you behind-the-scenes and into the field with squads of soldiers and experience the transformation of raw recruits to battle-ready warriors. Marine grunts experience hardcore weapons training at the School of Infantry.  US Army soldiers face rioting insurgents in a simulated Iraqi village.  Combined-arms training brings in everything from machine guns and tanks, howitzers, and attack helicopters.  It’s a complete immersion into real warfighting conditions - under brutal conditions, with real guns and real bullets.  This is LIVE FIRE.


Episode 1: MARINES 

LIVE FIRE - MARINES takes you into the USMC's School of Infantry to discover the power and impact of machine guns, shoulder-fired missiles and air-to-ground rocket attacks, revealing the fire-power and training techniques of America's Marines.

Episode 2: ARMY NTC 

LIVE FIRE: ARMY NTC takes you to the US Army's National Training Center where the soldiers of the 1st Armored Division prepare for war and face intense simulated combat and live-fire training with the M4 Carbine and the Abrams Tank.