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-- American Heroes Channel Poised for a Year of Tremendous Growth; Network Celebrated Close of 2014 as #7 Fastest-Growing Ad-Supported Cable Network for Total Day Delivery Among P25-54 --

March 31, 2015

Contact - Reenie Kuhlman
Sr. Director, Communications

(New York, N.Y.) - The American Heroes Channel (AHC) announced today its Upfront programming lineup for the 2015-16 season. With slate of new and returning series and specials in which the heroes are always front and center, AHC focuses on timeless and compelling action and adventure stories that bridge a connection between the lessons of past and the legends of today. AHC closed out its first year as the #7 fastest-growing ad-supported cable network for Total Day delivery among P25-54, and the network had its best year ever in Prime and Total Day delivery among P2+, HH and P25-54. Having demonstrated 24 consecutive months of year-over-year Total Day gains for P2+ and HH, AHC enters the 2015-16 Upfront season with a slate of new series and specials, as well as the return of many hit original series, including GUNSLINGERS and AGAINST THE ODDS, which have earned the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, as AHC's best original series ever in Prime delivery among P2+, P25-54 and M25-54.

"We are proud of what we accomplished with American Heroes Channel during its first year and are excited to enter this Upfront season with new programs that feature distinctive voices throughout history, presented in a modern style with true edge," said Kevin Bennett, executive vice president and general manager of American Heroes Channel. "At the core of AHC is programming that has conflict, action and adrenaline, but also delivers intimate, first-person perspectives from the players on the frontlines of history. We are thrilled to offer a slate that immerses audiences in these impactful stories, while providing the larger historical context and emotional connectivity our viewers crave in series like GUNSLINGERS and AGAINST THE ODDS."

American Heroes Channel's 2015-16 Upfront slate follows below:


AMERICAN EMPIRE (wt) (3Q 2015)
Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Edison, Stanford, Hearst. These are the American titans. Their names live down through the ages, emblazoned on foundations, museums, universities, galleries, banks and the richest of American real estate. Their ferocious drive, innovation and often sheer recklessness took these titans to the top of the rich and powerful list. They are the founding fathers of the Fortune 500, steering America through the Industrial Revolution into the Gilded Age, and making this country the most powerful nation on earth. Despite their wealth and power, these titans of industry and captains of commerce were not always philanthropic, often driven by the same primal instincts: greed, lust, ambition, jealousy and revenge. From shady ethics, to lustful infidelities to extortion and double-crossing to deals that turned deadly, AMERICAN EMPIRE, tells the little-known stories of the men who made America what it is today as they emerged from rags to incomprehensible riches.

BLOOD FEUDS (wt) (4Q 2015)
The United States was founded in a feud - an epic prizefight between two strong-willed contenders convinced of the righteousness of their side - with the outcome determined in blood. Thus, with the origin of our country, an American tradition was born. BLOOD FEUDS (wt) uncovers fascinating pieces of hidden history as America's most iconic feuds are brought to life using dramatic recreations, expert interviews, and heart-pumping storytelling. These epic rivalries feature some of the most compelling characters, action-packed conflict, and adrenaline-fueled showdowns from our nation's past. These are the men and women who changed the course of American history, one monumental grudge match at a time. William "Devil Anse" Hatfield, Bill "The Butcher" Poole, and the NYC Bowery Boys are badass brawlers who pull you in from the get-go. Pugnacious and predacious, wily and whip-smart, they are magnetic anti-heroes who you can't help rooting for.

John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone: these are just some of America's most notorious outlaws. Their violent crime sprees are the stuff of American legend, but there are two sides to every story and the heroic tales of the people who brought these criminals to justice remain untold... until now. NATURAL BORN OUTLAWS explores the true stories of iconic American desperados and the epic manhunts that would eventually bring them down. Stacking the forces of good against evil, each episode of NATURAL BORN OUTLAWS pulls viewers into the rise and fall of one of history's most notorious criminals as they experience the thrilling cat-and-mouse chase that ends each outlaw's reign of terror.


It was the war that divided our nation in a brutal and savage conflict that cost more than 600,000 American lives - a death toll higher than that of WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. At its heart, the Civil War is history's ultimate family feud, pitting brother against brother in a vicious, four-year campaign that almost destroyed a young nation. In this exclusive six-part American Heroes Channel series, THE CIVIL WAR PROJECT (wt) tells the definitive story of one of the most extraordinary and bloodiest chapters in American history through the little known and surprising stories of this brutal, hellish conflict. Gripping details of the war, combined with the visceral human experience that showcase the tipping points of war, provide viewers with insight into the loss of hope and the disillusionment. It's true that the battlefields, methods of attack, sophistication of weapons and identity of the enemy have changed over time, but the words of warfare and the emotions within them have not. THE CIVIL WAR PROJECT (wt) strips down the weaponry and battlefield technology of both sides to reveal a forensic analysis of battlefield tactics and fighting techniques from both sides that illustrates the narrow margins between glorious victory and ignoble defeat. Add to this the treacherous terrain and shaky supply lines and a complete picture of the circumstances behind the rise and fall of each side's fortunes emerges.

1850-1930 was a dangerous time in America. It was a world in which problems got solved with a revolver and a shallow grave. The West was home to gold, ranching, and desperate expansionism. Thousands followed the wagon trains across the Great Plains, looking to get rich fast or die trying. Railroads connecting the nation and its business for the first time became prime targets for violent bandits. From blood thirsty cattle rustlers, to fiendish Southern gentlemen out to kill the president, to hard-boiled bank robbers using dynamite and bullets to write their names into history, all of the stories in AMERICAN LAWMEN (wt) feature brutal outlaws who posed a direct threat to society. Enter: the birth of law enforcement in America. As told from the perspective of the men and women who fought to create justice and establish order, each episode of the all-new series, AMERICAN LAWMEN (wt) chronicles the story of brave citizens who first picked up a badge to protect the innocent, and establish a safer society during a violent and turbulent time.


ONE GIANT LEAP tells the riveting and uplifting story of how a nation in turmoil rose to its feet after a series of violent and horrific events. This all-new special chronicles the tragedies, fears and pressures of the ‘60s space race that led to a remarkable miracle, uniting and inspiring Americans across the nation. The documentary special ONE GIANT LEAP chronicles how, amidst unheralded violence and turmoil, a besieged generation looked past tragedy and rose to its feet to welcome a new generation of heroes in a time when heroes were badly needed. ONE GIANT LEAP reviews the struggles, fears and pressures of the 1960s space race that inspired Americans and remarkably united them in a time of turbulence. Interviews with the surviving astronauts, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, Jr., as well as families and individuals affected, along with stunning high-definition NASA films and never-before-seen home movie collections, transport viewers back in time to discover a fascinating, untold story of our nation's journey to the moon.

THE COWBOY (wt) (2016)
A dynamic and cinematic celebration of the most beloved American icon, THE COWBOY (wt) features original interviews with the most renowned actors, directors, writers and historians of the Western genre, as well as country artists, real-life cowboys, and modern-day Western icons. Showcasing the very best and most memorable film moments from classic and contemporary Western films with extensive use of film clips alongside archival interviews with bygone Hollywood icons, THE COWBOY (wt) integrates early archival film and photographs from on set and on the range and a musical score that will feature the very best from our iconic films and country artists.


GUNSLINGERS Season Two (3Q 2015)
The hit AHC docudrama series GUNSLINGERS immerses viewers in the true stories and circumstances behind the iconic people, places and conflicts of the Wild West. GUNSLINGERS exposes a side of the Old West you never knew with stories of courage and survival, and good versus evil, in a world with no rules that shaped the American West - and influenced the America we know today. Many of the names are familiar - Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday - but much of what we think we know about them is based more on legend than on fact. In each episode, viewers embark on a thrilling, heart-pounding ride alongside an infamous gunslinger as he navigates his way through a series of pivotal showdowns in a volatile place and time, when death could be lurking around any corner.

AGAINST THE ODDS Season Two (4Q 2015)
AGAINST THE ODDS showcases awe-inspiring stories of bravery, solidarity and strength on the battlefield. An outnumbered group of soldiers finds themselves in a life-or-death situation. Their enemy is larger, stronger, and determined to win. It's the real-life "Band of Brothers" as they come together to prove they can't be beat, doing whatever it takes to overcome the cards stacked against them.

AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION Season Three (4Q 2015)
AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION is on a mission to set the record straight. Hosted by former Naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler (TBS' "My Boys"), this series is a wake-up call about the surprising hidden facts behind the most familiar and beloved stories from our nation's and military's past. Back for an all-new season, AMERICA: FACTS VS FICTION explores the truths and hidden secrets of the nation's past. The series uncovers surprising and unknown details of American history to draw a line in the sand separating fact and fiction.