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American Empire (wt)

All-New Series Premiering in 2015

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Edison, Stanford, Hearst. These are the American titans. Their names live down through the ages, emblazoned on foundations, museums, universities, galleries, banks and the richest of American real estate. Their ferocious drive, innovation and often sheer recklessness took these titans to the top of the rich and powerful list. They are the founding fathers of the Fortune 500, steering America through the Industrial Revolution into the Gilded Age, and making this country the most powerful nation on earth. Despite their wealth and power, these titans of industry and captains of commerce were not always philanthropic, often driven by the same primal instincts: greed, lust, ambition, jealousy and revenge. From shady ethics, to lustful infidelities to extortion and double-crossing to deals that turned deadly, AMERICAN EMPIRE, tells the little-known stories of the men who made America what it is today as they emerged from rags to incomprehensible riches.