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Sophomore Series Premieres Saturday, July 16 at 8:00pm ET/PT

June 30, 2016

Contact - Karin Failla
Director, Publicity

From treating reindeers and moose to California King snakes and the family pet, caring for animals across the last frontier is a full-time job for Dr. Dee Thornell. Dr. Dee is so dedicated to the welfare of creatures both domesticated and wild that she often flies her plane across the state to reach the most remote patient. The all-new season of DR. DEE: ALASKA VET premieres Saturday, July 16th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet.

This season, Dr. Dee and her husband, Ken, spend much of their time traveling to remote villages - where sometimes there are almost as many dogs as humans – to hold low cost spay and neuter clinics, as well as provide medical care to the local animals. In true Alaskan spirit, Dr. Dee and Ken have started rescuing unwanted and stray dogs by flying them back to Fairbanks to find forever homes, inspiring them to start their own rescue.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Dee and her team continue to service the animals including a pot belly pig that’s ornery when amorous, a stallion who has developed a tumor and 17-year-old Stubbs the Cat, who is the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, and suffering from a kidney disorder. Plus, Dr. Dee finds orphaned baby owls that need a safe place to grow up before being released back into the wild.

Between traveling across glaciers and mountains to enduring sub-zero temperatures and endless days without daylight, there is no more challenging place to be a veterinarian than Alaska. Despite myriad challenges and risks, Dr. Dee Thornell has made it her life’s mission to care for all animals of the Land of the Midnight Sun. After starting her veterinary business out of a pick-up truck, she now owns and operates Animal House, the most sophisticated veterinary hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska.

DEE: ALASKA VET is produced for Animal Planet by High Noon Entertainment. Jim Berger, Scott Feeley and Sarah Presta are the executive producers for High Noon Entertainment. Dawn Sinsel is the executive producer, Krishna San Nicolas is the producer and Meredith Russell is the associate producer for Animal Planet.

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