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Image from Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal Lockdown

All-New Series Premieres Friday, March 4 at 10/9c

Ghost-hunting all-stars Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman confine themselves for an unprecedented 72 hours straight in some of America's most haunted locations, some being investigated for the first time ever!

Image for Ghost Brothers

Ghost Brothers

All-New Series Premieres Friday, April 15 at 10/9c

The three best friends behind the Southeast's newest paranormal investigation team put their faith to the test to prove whether unique, legendary haunted houses are the real deal.

Image for Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

Premieres Continue Saturdays at 10/9c

Nowhere does the mystery of Bigfoot’s existence run deeper than in the backcountry of Appalachia. The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings travel to remote corners of the wilderness to track and attempt to trap these mysterious creatures, proving they’re fact not folklore.

Image for Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum

Season 3 Premieres Sunday, April 3 at 10/9c

Phantoms, demons, and shadow creatures beware! Follow the Tennessee Wraith Chasers as they hunt down ghosts in the most frightening asylums across the U.S.

Image for Destination America Upfront Programming 2016-17

Destination America Upfront Prog...

Destination America unveils its 2016-17 Upfront programming slate and upcoming premieres for Spring 2016.