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Hillbilly Thrill Rides & Mud Country

Labor Day Specials Air Monday, September 2, Starting at 8 PM E/P

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Contact: Erin Griffin
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Special Labor Day Programming Event Includes Premieres of HILLBILLY THRILL RIDES and MUD COUNTRY, airing Monday, September 2, starting at 8 PM E/P.

Did y'all forget to make travel plans for Labor Day weekend? Well, don't get your britches in a bunch. Forget about the Hamptons and Palm Springs. Head south with Destination America to celebrate the end of summer, redneck style.

Destination America is embracing the country's "southern charm" with HILLBILLY THRILL RIDES and MUD COUNTRY, two new specials airing Monday, September 2 (Labor Day) from 8-11 PM E/P. Each show features self-proclaimed rednecks who have harnessed their down-home ingenuity to create some of the most eccentric, unregulated, and epic amusements America has to offer. From backyard rollercoasters and a homemade human catapult, to the world's largest off-roading mud park -- experience the thrills and spills of summer in the south.

Hillbilly Thrill Rides (Part 1) Special encore presentation Monday, September 2 at 8 PM E/P
What do you get when you combine two telephone poles, bungee cords, an ATV, and some southern ingenuity? HILLBILLY THRILL RIDES visits the Redneck Slingshot in North Carolina, where bar patrons can grab a beer and then try not to lose it while being launched off a human slingshot. And visit the birthplace of the hillbilly spinning chair, a tractor ride with a bucket seat that spins at 30-40mph. Deep in the bayou, meet a group of innovative risk-takers about to try out a self-built, 50-foot, near-vertical waterslide that shoots riders out into gator infested waters. Will their invention be a splash? Or will it prove to be too dangerous for even the bravest of thrill-seekers?

Hillbilly Thrill Rides (Part 2) Premieres Monday, September 2 at 9 PM E/P
No admission is required at The Speed Cult Compound in Michigan, where a group of "MacGyvers" built a 40-foot-tall, flame-throwing rollercoaster out of scrap metal and elbow grease. There's not much water in Missouri, so see how one resourceful redneck named Piss Willy flooded a field to create his own jet-sprint boat race course. In Florida, two young thrill-seekers are about to try an incredibly dangerous stunt: leaping off the roof of a house onto an inflatable "blob" made out of duct tape, a leaf blower, and two plastic tarps. "Kids, don't try this at home!"

Mud Country Premieres Monday, September 2 at 10 PM E/P
In this one-hour special, get "down and dirty" at some of the country's most popular off-road mud parks. The Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, Fla., is a mud-lovers mecca: 800 acres of mud, where monster trucks, swamp buggies, and ATVs slush through the park's race-courses. Join the thousands of people from all around the country that flock to the park's biggest event of the year to experience some not-so-good clean fun. Then, meet with the park's creators to see what goes into mud-making. Over at the Redneck Resort in Sweetwater, Tenn., vacationers enjoy muddy trails and tracks on their ATVs and swamp buggys, and one woman even celebrates her "redneck divorce."