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UniChef: Uniting Through Food

Encore presentation Thursday, November 17 at 9/8c

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Celebrity chefs are the rock stars of the food world, but it’s easy to forget that even the most successful chefs had to start somewhere. On Thursday, November 17, TLC & Discovery Family Channel explore the lives of three celebrity chefs and their individual missions to help others and give back to the community in the one-hour special UNICHEF: UNITING THROUGH FOOD, based on the best-selling cookbook by Hilary Gumbel, with all royalties donated to The U.S. Fund for UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund). The special will premiere at 7/6c on TLC followed by an encore presentation at 9/8c on Discovery Family Channel. 

In UNICHEF: UNITING THROUGH FOOD, produced by Discovery Studios, chefs Sandra Lee, Ming Tsai and Donatella Arpaia allow viewers unprecedented access into their private worlds as they visit the people and causes that inspire their passion for giving. Highlighting the initiatives and innovations that the chefs spearhead in their personal time, including their volunteer work with UNICEF, Family Reach, City Harvest and God’s Love We Deliver, the special documents those whose lives are being touched firsthand while also exploring the many ways the chefs are being changed in the process. UNICHEF: UNITING THROUGH FOOD explores each chef’s roots through never-before-seen photos and home videos in an effort to understand how their modest upbringings led to lifelong missions to give back in very big ways. The common ingredient that influences these masters of the culinary universe is their deep connection to their roots and a strong desire to use their fame and success to help those in need.