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Deadliest Catch

Returns for its landmark 11th season on Tuesday, April 14

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The fearless captains of the Bering Sea are back.  This year they must lean on their brethren to survive.  But just how far will they push their crabbing brotherhood to the edge? 

"In the beginning, I came up to Alaska for the money.  It was just a job," said Jake Anderson, deckhand on the F/V Northwestern.  "I learned quickly it was more than that... When you go through hell, there is something about it that makes you closer.  That's brotherhood.  That's not an easy life, when you can stare death in the face and you look at each other and smile."

After years of keeping a lid on Bairdi crab quota, new government regulations have increased the inventory by 400 percent.   These changes mean the potential for huge paydays for Captains and crew. But it's first come, first serve on the Bairdi grounds, forcing everyone to risk it all to grab their piece of the  bounty.

"This year is going to be a race - get through King Crab and start the Bairdi.  We don't have time to make mistakes.  First guy on the Bairdi ground is going to have the best chance to get crab before it gets picked over," said Captain Sig Hansen.


On the Northwestern, the Bairdi bump won't just bring profit for the ever-controlling Captain Sig Hansen; it will bring opportunity and a bigger stake in the claim for his brother Edgar.  But will Sig loosen the reins on his aging crew?  For Deckhand Jake Anderson, this season is a fight to prove to the world - and himself - his worth as a fisherman, father and captain.


Meanwhile on the Cornelia Marie, Josh Harris is trying to step out of his father's shadow, the late Capt. Phil Harris, and earn the respect of his crew.  But first, he needs to get out of the dock since his boat's engine won't start and is forced to wait for critical parts. 


Every fisherman returns to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, with a renewed hope to prove they belong among the brotherhood of the Bering Sea.  But to succeed out on the water, change must come from within.  For Wild Bill of the Cape Caution, it's about accepting his son for who really he is; on the Time Bandit, Johnathan Hillstrand must overcome his health, family issues and massive boat repair bills to turn his business around with a new group of young guns.  On The Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn must re-examine his idea of the ultimate deckhand as he goes through several crewmen.  And for Elliott Neese, it's the need to bridge the gap between his dreams of having a family and a successful business.  But will he be able to put his old demons to rest?

As the struggle for Bering Sea crab continues, only one thing is for certain: this season will push them closer to the brink. 

But the captains still know how to have fun. This season features some of the most ambitious pranks in the show's history, including one captain's boat getting stolen (who didn't think the prank was so funny at first!).

Also returning this season is "The Bait," a series of one-hour pre-shows, beginning at 8 PM E/P on April 14.  "The Bait" will provide an inside look at the episode ahead, and the captains themselves will talk fishing, drama and what to expect on that night's episode of DEADLIEST CATCH.  The DEADLIEST CATCH fansite will be more engaging than ever before - including the new DEADLIEST CATCH 360°, an interactive experience where fans can tour the fleet virtually and the popular DEADLIEST CATCH Fantasy Game, back for its third year.

DEADLIEST CATCH is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions, a Fremantle Media company.  For Original Productions, Executive Producers are Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy and John Gray.  Co-Executive Producer is R. Decker Watson, Jr.  For Discovery Channel, Executive Producers are David Pritikin and Joseph Boyle with Associate Producer Sara Van Acker. To learn more, go to, on Facebook at and on Twitter @Discovery.