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Brad and Heather Fox

Real estate and home renovation experts Brad and Heather Fox swoop in to save the day for homeowners who love their neighborhood, but have outgrown their house in HGTV’s Stay or Sell. The husband-wife duo present their Minneapolis-area clients with two options—renovate their current home or buy another property nearby that can be customized. Once they decide to stay or sell, Brad and Heather get to work creating a dream family home.

For nearly 15 years, Brad and Heather have combined their real estate knowledge and design skills to help families find, renovate or build their dream homes. They specialize in keeping people in their favorite neighborhoods and renovating to better fit their changing lifestyles and needs. Over the years, Brad has navigated real estate in nearly every neighborhood in the Twin Cities and can easily spot a home with potential. Heather specializes in design and can stretch even a modest budget into a fresh new look.

Together, they own and operate Fox Homes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is a full service real estate company offering realty services, design and full scale renovations, a true one stop shop with a full staff of realtors and designers, along with a full functioning renovation company and a home decor shop which opened in 2019. They complete an average of 15 large scale renovations per year for clients and also do approximately 4 personal flips a year.

Brad and Heather have been married for 14 years and have two young sons, Graham and Wesley. On the weekends Brad is in a band called Farewell Milwaukee. Heather is a lover of all things design and is constantly creating along with her sons. Brad and Heather also run vacation rental homes and enjoy taking on new challenges. They closed on their first home the day before their wedding and haven't stopped since!