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Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell

Best friends Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell improve Idaho’s capital city with beautiful home transformations in HGTV’s Boise Boys. The home renovation experts say they are an unlikely pairing of two very different people—Luke, a designer, is a “stylistic visionary” and Clint is a “getter-done” licensed contractor.

Luke’s artistic passion began as a young man growing up in Boise, and his talents have allowed him to express creativity through design and business. His previous travels as a professional musician have brought a global perspective to his clean and fresh design sense that is expressed throughout his various projects. He and his wife Miranda have six children—two biological and four adopted.

Born and raised in Texas, Clint holds degrees in both law and business. From a family of entrepreneurs, Clint has founded a wide variety of small businesses; and, as a business attorney and CPA, he has advised countless others in their entrepreneurial ventures. However, his true business love has always been real estate, which is why he carries both a contractor’s and a broker’s license to cut out the middle-man and keep him close to the action. Clint and his wife Sandy have three sons, Jake, Eli and Daniel.