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Aubrey and Bristol Marunde

Contractor and MMA fighter Bristol Marunde and his wife, real estate agent and designer Aubrey, showcase their home renovation and flipping skills on HGTV’s Flip or Flop Vegas. Since 2009, the couple has renovated more than 140 homes in Sin City through their boutique real estate and construction business. Each of the Marunde’s flips embodies true Las Vegas style, taking the character of a home and providing a glam update designed with the perfect buyer in mind. 

Aubrey and Bristol met in Las Vegas, where she attended college and he moved to pursue his MMA career. Aubrey grew up on construction sites, learning the tricks of the trade from her contractor father. She envisions lavish living spaces for rundown Vegas homes, while Bristol renovates the homes to bring her designs to life.

The couple, who are parents to two young sons, say their “family first” approach drives them to build high-quality homes that are the perfect fit for other Las Vegas families.