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Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin give the worst homes in Houston’s best neighborhoods Texas-sized makeovers in HGTV’s Going for Sold. The couple caught the house-flipping bug after purchasing a foreclosure that became their first adventure into major renovations, and later became a home for their own growing family. Since then, Jon Pierre and Mary, with their two little ones along for the crazy ride, have teamed up to transform Houston - one rescued house flip at a time.

After leaving behind his oil industry career of 15 years, Jon Pierre made the big switch to his true passion—real estate. As a realtor, he finds homebuyers the home oftheir dreams and channels his buyers’ needs while making smart renovation decisions on the couple’s own flips.

Growing up in the New Orleans area, Mary was constantly exposed to art, music, nature and classic architecture that gave her a keen eye for design. The former flight attendant left her career to pursue her love of design and start their home renovation business, using her many talents to create unique features in homes and plan a vision for the families that will live there.