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Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell’s fun, unexpected and personalized room designs tell each homeowner’s unique story in HGTV’s One of a Kind. The home renovator and interior designer creates eclectic, imaginative spaces that illustrate the spirit of those who live there.

While Grace relished using her training as a language therapist for deaf and hard of hearing babies for several years, she knew her real passion was construction, design and creating storybook homes for clients. After a stint in selling vintage furniture, she turned to design and style writing and eventually began her interior design business, Storied Style Interiors, in 2012.

Her work has been featured in prestigious home décor publications including Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Domino Magazine, Vintage Remade Magazine, Do-It-Yourself Magazine, as well as The Boston Globe.

 She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas in a 100-year-old “always has a project” house, with her husband, Kent, and four small children.