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Cosmic Quantum Ray

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"Cosmic Quantum Ray" is a zany comedy-action-adventure series that brings the strange, dark, freaky corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager Robbie Shipton. Robbie represents Earth as a member of Team Quantum - an elite, eccentric team of heroes that saves the Universe almost every day, and hopefully in time for Robbie to get to his third-period Science class! The other members of Team Quantum include: Quantum Ray of the Ninth Dimension, Atee and Geecey of the Tooferwun Galaxy - an advanced civilization, and Bucketworth, the gadget guru. Together, they battle evil, brilliant aliens, cosmic surfers and more.

Every episode features an underlying theme rooted in quantum physics and provides a basis for what can physically and cosmically occur. At the end of each story there is also a "Science Fact-tion," where Bucketworth and Robbie explain the actual quantum physics theory used in each episode. These physics-based segments are developed by the show's creator, Dr. Mani Bhaumik, a world-renowned quantum physicist best known as the inventor of the system for controlling (and stopping) light, which led to the creation of Laser Eye (LASIK) surgery.