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The Shift Episodics

September 9, 2009

Contact - Debbie Sullivan
Publicity Manager
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Premieres Wednesday, September 30 at 10 PM

A 63-year-old retired factory worker is murdered at his home, and the victim's nephew discovers the body.  Sergeant Jeff Breedlove, a six-year veteran of IMPD Homicide, is called to the scene to begin the investigation.  What he finds at the scene is grizzly: the victim was beaten and then stabbed repeatedly, and his wallet and car are missing.  There are no witnesses to the crime and the only lead is a trail of physical evidence left behind by the killer or killers.  Sgt. Breedlove must find out why someone would want this man dead and when he questions the family, the answers he receives are disturbing.  Sgt. Breedlove is forced to follow the evidence trail to its shocking conclusion. 



Premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 10 PM

A 17-year-old is shot during a drug-related robbery, and Detective Lesia Moore has to figure out who is responsible for the shooting.  His friend survives the robbery and reluctantly talks to the authorities, but police are suspicious that it may not be the full story.  All that Moore has to go on is a fingerprint left on a cell phone and when the analysis comes back, the results are surprising.  In a dramatic scene, the Violent Crimes Unit and Det. Moore serve a search warrant on one suspect's home and get more than they bargained for. 



Premieres Wednesday, October 14 at 10 PM

In a densely wooded lot, a body is found burnt beyond recognition.  Lead Detective Christine Mannina takes the case, and the arson investigator claims it's "the worst burn job he's ever seen in his twenty years."  Because the victim's wounds are so severe, it makes it nearly impossible to identify the body, let alone find any clues to implicate the person responsible.  Through the autopsy and interviews, Det. Mannina makes an ID, but that presents only another challenge: her victim is a known criminal with many enemies and no one wants to talk.  Through the investigation, Det. Mannina rounds up several suspects in an attempt to uncover the truth. 



Premieres Wednesday, October 21 at 10 PM

­Detectives Lesia Moore and Todd Lappin work the murder of 21-year-old college student, Jerrell Bullock.  A good kid who found himself in a bad situation, Bullock was shot outside of a friend's house after an argument over a craps game the night before.  Bullock's friends aren't talking and their only witness is unable to identify the shooter.  After a tip sends them in the right direction, Det.'s Moore and Lappin brilliantly play one suspect off of another to elicit dramatic confessions.  Then in a shocking conclusion, a jailhouse phone conversation changes everything.



Premieres Wednesday, October at 28 at 10 PM

A man is shot and killed in his car on the west side of Indianapolis, and it appears the shooting may be drug related.  Detective Jesse Beavers takes the case and as he investigates the scene, he finds two cell phones in the victim's car.  Through phone records, Det. Beavers pinpoints several people of interest and with the help of the U.S. Marshalls and other detectives from THE SHIFT, he tracks them down.  But when Det. Beavers conducts the interviews, he gets conflicting testimonies and needs to sort through the lies to find the truth. 



Premieres Wednesday, November 4 at 10 PM

A man is shot in a city park and Detective Tom Tudor takes the lead in the investigation.  On the scene, Det. Tudor finds the victim's girlfriend crying hysterically - she was with her boyfriend when the shooting occurred and witnessed him being killed.  As an eyewitness, Det. Tudor is hopeful she will be able to provide information.   She seems reliable until she gets a call from an unknown number threatening her to not speak to authorities.  With his lead witness scared to talk, Det. Tudor uses keen detective skills to track down the two suspects and make an arrest.  



Premieres Wednesday, November 11 at 10 PM

A 26-year-old black female and a 28-year-old white female are shot in their car in the parking lot of an apartment complex and Sergeant Jeff Breedlove responds to the scene.  Sgt. Breedlove canvasses the neighborhood and learns that the 911 caller may have been dating one of the victims.  Sgt. Breedlove pursues this lead, trying to discover if the boyfriend reported the case solely to cover his tracks. 

Through the investigation, Sgt. Breedlove interviews many possible suspects as well as acquaintances of the victims, and in the end, believes he has a solid suspect to bring to justice.


EPISODES 208-213

Descriptions for these episodes are still pending.  Premieres of the second season of THE SHIFT will air through the middle of January, 2010. Please check back to THE SHIFT's Press Website at ( for updated episode descriptions as they come in. 


For interviews or advanced screeners of any of the episodes, please contact Debbie Gottschalk // 240.662.2930