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Cold Valley

Premieres Thursday, November 29 at 10/9c

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(New York, NY) – Investigation Discovery (ID), America’s leading destination for true-crime programming, announced today the world premiere of the two-part special COLD VALLEY. This riveting investigative documentary follows two women as they work to unravel the mysterious disappearances that tormented the Lewis Clark Valley in the 1980s. The most chilling part of these cases? Investigators are certain who the killer is, but no one has been able to gather enough evidence to confidently prosecute him.  This “Person of Interest” is alive and living as a free man today. Now Detective Jackie Nichols and Gloria Bobertz enter the scene. Desperate to prove the “Person of Interest” is guilty, Nichols and Bobertz dust off the case files, track down old witnesses and pursue new leads. Chronicling the details of their exhausting and often thankless investigative journey, COLD VALLEY shows the fierce determination it takes to hunt down a man who has evaded justice for nearly four decades. COLD VALLEY premieres November 29th at 9PM ET and December 6th at 9PM ET.   

“This investigation is incredibly unique because it is so close to being finally solved,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “Part of our mission at ID is to show real people with real stories and, here, the two women we feature are pursuing a story so chilling and compelling, it’s hard to believe it’s actually true.” 

Between 1979 and 1982, five young people vanished in the small Lewis Clark Valley area along the Washington and Idaho border. To this day only three of those bodies have been found, and the other two disappearances remain a mystery. The local police worked for years to find the culprit, but with minimal evidence and no leads, the cases were shelved. Nearly 40 years later, Asotin County Sheriff’s Detective Jackie Nichols feels a personal obligation to revisit these cases, and she will leave no stone unturned. Nichols has spent countless hours in the pursuit of truth, and the clues all point to one man. She knows his name, but she can’t reveal it until she is sure she has the evidence to prosecute him in a court of law. Nichols has one last chance for justice, and time is running out.  

Joining Jackie on this hunt is Gloria Bobertz, a cousin of one of the victims.  She has dedicated her life to finding answers, tracing the Person of Interest’s every move in the hopes of revealing that he has committed crimes across the country. Her exhaustive research has unearthed new clues, including a trail of additional dead bodies that appear to follow the suspect from one city to the next. Despite their extensive list of circumstantial evidence, both women know that they need something more concrete to bring the “Person of Interest” to court. Will Nichols and Bobertz find the direct evidence they are looking for or will all their time and research be for nothing? COLD VALLEY documents the hot pursuit for a killer who has evaded justice for decades. They know his name, they feel he is guilty, but will Nichols and Bobertz be able to prove it once and for all?