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Joe Exotic: Before He Was King

Special Premieres Monday, September 28 at 10/9c

JOE EXOTIC: BEFORE HE WAS KING examines the childhood traumas and dramatic events which shaped the mind of the man who called himself the “Tiger King.” This comprehensive, one-hour special delivers vital information to put the entire sordid story in context and uncovers dark secrets about Joe’s past. Using exclusive and never-before-seen interview footage of Joe Exotic, including personal photos and home movies, this special reveals the dark secrets that led to the colossal crash which has landed him in prison for decades. What sent Joe Exotic down the path of depravity, polygamy, live animal collecting and trading and ultimately, conspiracy to commit murder? With expert commentary from forensic psychologists and law enforcement experts as well as new interviews with his inner circle – including a prison interview from Joe’s second husband, Jeffrey Charles “JC” Hartpence – this special analyzes the evidence and presents a vivid portrait of his psychological descent into madness.