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This fall, Discovery Kids will continue to provide more of the entertaining, high-quality programming that kids enjoy and parents trust, helping to ease the transition back into the school year!   With beloved personalities and popular programs, Discovery Kids' fall slate is jam-packed with fan favorites like PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD, BINDI THE JUNGLE GIRL and ADVENTURE CAMP

In late 2010, Discovery and Hasbro will launch an all-new children's network in approximately 60 million U.S. households featuring programming geared to boys and girls age 14 and under.  In the interim, Discovery Kids will continue to operate through the launch of the yet-to-be-named network.

Launched in 1996, Discovery Kids Channel has won multiple Daytime Emmys® and Parents' Choice Awards for its series and specials, including three Emmys® in 2008 and five Daytime Emmy® Nominations in 2009.  Discovery Kids is committed to satisfying kids' natural curiosity about a range of topics from science, adventure, exploration and natural history through documentaries, reality shows, scripted dramas and animated stories.