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Military Channel’s WARRIORS Docudrama Brings Epic Battles and Legendary Historical Figures to Life

U.S. Premiere of Critically-Acclaimed BBC Series Begins on Sunday, November 2 from 10-11 PM ET

October 15, 2008

Contact - David Schaefer
Sr. Director, Communications

(Silver Spring, Md.) – Visually arresting and exhaustively researched, WARRIORS is an absorbing six episode docudrama series revealing key moments in the lives of some of history’s greatest warriors. Shot in exotic locations from the mountains of Mexico to the temples of Japan, from Malta to Morocco, and using stunning CGI to recreate battles on an epic scale, episodes reveal what made Napoleon, Attila the Hun, Cortes, Spartacus, Richard the Lionheart and shogun Tokugawa Ieyasus, Japan’s most famous Samurai, different from average mortal soldiers. WARRIORS premieres Sunday, November 2 at 10 PM ET on Military Channel.

WARRIORS was produced with the advice of world experts in their field and was based on extensive historical research, resulting in an captivating series that gives genuinely new insights into the motives, strengths and weaknesses that drove each of these warriors to achieve what no one else dared to even attempt. Each of these powerful, magnetic personalities have earned their legendary place in history because they were prepared to die for what they believed in – whether it was God or gold, the pursuit of power or freedom, or a quest for a magnificent ideal. WARRIORS recreates these ancient landscapes and historical battles using authentic locations and strategic computer graphic elements. Following expert historical guidance, the script portrays the momentous events and personal interactions each warrior experienced during defining periods of their life.

Every episode of WARRIORS explores a significant event in the rise to prominence, like Napoleon’s dazzling combination of political cunning, personal bravery and military genius as a 24-year-old artillery officer at the 1793 British siege of Toulon. While Napoleon defied military and political authority, he successfully drove the English fleet from Toulon, establishing his reputation as a leader and saving the French Revolution.

Other episodes reveal insights into the complex personalities of these remarkable leaders - Spartacus demonstrated both brilliant leadership and flawed decision-making; the ruthless Attila The Hun was part genius and part psychopath; and Spanish adventurer Hernan Cortes ignited a civil war to undermine the Aztec empire ruled by Montezuma. In addition, WARRIORS brings to life epic conflicts, including the largest Samurai battle in history with 160,000 soldiers fighting for the future of Japan, and the epic naval assault for the port of Jaffa with Richard the Lionheart leading a fractious international coalition of Christians against the Kurdish warrior, Saladin.

WARRIORS is a BBC/Discovery Communications Inc./ProSieben/ERT co-production. For the BBC, Matthew Barrett is executive producer and Mark Hedgecoe is producer. For Discovery Communications, Daniel Korn is executive producer. For the Military Channel, Clark Bunting is general manager and Deborah Myers is senior vice president of programming.

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