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Bitchin' Boot Camp

Premieres Saturdays on the MotorTrend App

Each week, hosts Dave Kindig and Kevin Schiele of the hit series BITCHIN’ RIDES put the competitors through the paces in automotive challenges that test their creative, metal fabrication, welding and wrenching chops. Sparks fly – literally and figuratively – as personalities clash under the intense pressure of finding out who has abilities to work at the world’s best custom car fabrication shop.

The skilled fabricators and mechanics competing on BITCHIN’ BOOT CAMP are: Frank Fanelli (Kendall, N.Y.); Briana Huhn (New Ulm, Minn.); Justin Culver (Monroe, Wash.); Desiree “Dez” Ferrell (Phoenix, Ariz.); Gabby Downing (Fairfax, Va.); Josh Sartain (San Antonio, Texas); McKinlee Thacker (Upalco, Utah); Mike Buttafuoco (Carlisle, Penn.); Patrick Laughlin (Tampa, Fla.); Russel Alford (Hokes Bluff, Ala.); and the brother sister duo of Jaime Hjelm and Frank Hjelm (Elgin, Ill.). 

In the first episode, streaming now on the MotorTrend App, Dave and Kevin welcome the contestants to BITCHIN’ BOOT CAMP – a 4,000+ square foot shop outfitted with equipment and tools custom car builders dream of using. Just as introductions are made, the hosts turn up the heat as two contestants are given an elimination challenge. For years Dave has weeded out potential employees by giving them the challenge of two hours to fabricate a perfect metal cylinder. Now, he’s applying that same test here to send one contestant home and the other to move onto the next challenge. Then the remaining 11 are given a hammer, a dolly and a bench – tools Dave started with 20 years ago – and asked to customize a bulge into a 1932 Roadster side panel according to Dave’s specs. The judges will deliberate over the work as the competitors await their fate from the BITCHIN’ BOOT CAMP break room before one more is sent home.