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Garage Squad - Season 6

Premieres Wednesday, August 28 at 10 PM ET/PT on MotorTrend TV

Cohost Bruno Massel, master mechanic Joe Zolper and new addition Cristy Lee lead the GARAGE SQUAD team of highly trained mechanics and experts as they take over the car owner’s garage with one goal in mind – getting the owner’s stalled project in gear and ready to drive.

This season, the GARAGE SQUAD are helping a new crop of car aficionados who have bought a less than perfect version of their dream car. People whose dreams of automotive grandeur were wrecked by a lack of money, time and knowhow leaving garages cluttered with cars, parts and tools gathering dust. Fortunately, these well-meaning automotive enthusiasts are setting pride aside and opening their garage doors to the GARAGE SQUAD. Massel, Zolper, Lee and the team are always up for the challenge of rebuilding an engine, rejuvenating bodywork, reconstructing upholstery or doing whatever it takes to bring joyful tears to even the most hardened car owners.