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Legendary Motorcar

Premiers March 11, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT

If you are looking for a look inside a one-stop-shop for rare and classic cars of all kinds of amazing makes and models, look no further than Legendary Motorcar on Velocity. The show will take the viewer inside the world of high end restorations, appraisals, storage, and of course the sale. Velocity goes inside each aspect of the operations provides a fascinating look at the drama, quality craftsmanship, and excitement of creating and preserving high end collector automobiles.

Legendary Motorcar Company Ltd® first opened its doors in 1985 with a dream of restoring and trading in the finest and rarest of classic and performance cars, and soon began producing national show winning restorations and record sales. Restorations and sales included all makes and models of muscle cars and in 1990, they began selling European marques, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche in addition to some of the rarest domestic models.

In 2002 Legendary Motorcar Company Ltd. moved into a brand new 55,000 sq. ft. facility which includes: 100 car showroom, fully equipped mechanical and assembly bays, downdraft spray booth and body shop, plus a conference center. Each area of the restoration shop is staffed by skilled craftsmen with several 100 years of combined experience.

If you love cars, or love the action around the professional car business you won't want to miss Legendary Motorcar on Velocity Tuesdays at 10/9c.