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Top Gear America

Begins Streaming Friday, January 29

Premiering Friday, January 29, 2021, exclusively on the MotorTrend App, TOP GEAR AMERICA, co-produced by BBC Studios’ Los Angeles production arm, delivers a uniquely fresh take on classic TOP GEAR, the world’s biggest motoring show, by following the motorized mischief and supercharged adventures of Shepard, Corddry and Bovingdon across America. Whether it’s searching for the perfect driver’s road to unleash elite supercars on or on an epic road trip in a trio of clunkers, Dax, Rob and Jethro are on a mission to drive the wheels off whatever they can get their hands on; celebrating all the things they love about cars and arguing about the things they don’t. TOP GEAR AMERICA takes an irreverent look at the auto industry each week as Dax, Rob and Jethro tackle challenges with comedy, class and commitment.