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Photo for The 100 Mile Challenge

The 100 Mile Challenge

Six families in the town of Mission, British Columbia, accept a challenge to consume only food and drink produced within a 100-mile radius for 100 days in The 100 Mile Challenge.  How hard can it be? As the kitchen cupboards are stripped bare, the families begin to panic as they soon discover it is not going to be …


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Animals Distract Me

Iconic award-winning actress and director Isabella Rossellini has teamed with Planet Green to create this ground-breaking and stylized one-hour documentary which offers viewers a one-of-a-kind personal examination at how humans and animals co-exist.


Photo for Big Chef Takes on Little Chef

Big Chef Takes on Little Chef

Little Chef has been a British institution for decades, but the restaurant chain has been on the verge of financial collapse for years. Enter Heston Blumenthal, an acclaimed three Michelin-starred chef. Can he make the British public fall in love with Little Chef all over again while reviving classic English food in th…

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Big River

Following up on their Peabody-winning documentary, the KING CORN boys are back. In BIG RIVER, best friends Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis return to Iowa with a new mission: to investigate the environmental impact their acre of corn has on the people and places downstream.

Photo for Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts

Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts

A group of high street fashion victims - with closets full of cheap, chic brands – get a lesson on the true cost of their fashion habits after they head to India to work on a production line churning out hundreds of items of clothing per day. These spoiled shopaholics will learn the hard way the price of their habit fir…

Photo for Blood, Sweat & Takeaways

Blood, Sweat & Takeaways

A group of six young fast food junkies spend a month finding out the truth about how their favorite foods are produced. During this shock therapy that embeds them with the workers responsible for making their favorite dishes, they’ll have to live and work alongside poorly paid laborers carrying out the grimmest tasks wh…

Photo for Blue August 2010

Blue August 2010

This August, Planet Green and Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau head to the Gulf of Mexico for the second installment of the month long programming event BLUE AUGUST. As underscored by the recent events in the Gulf, an urgent need exists for appreciation and protection for all the planet’s bodies of water.

Photo for Boomtown


Explore the remote town of Parshall, North Dakota in Planet Green’s new docu-series Boomtown. Come along for the ride as we follow Parshall’s transformation from a small town into a rich oil producing hub. Watch as the lives of people in this close-knit community change forever.

Photo for Born Dealers

Born Dealers

Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak are a real-life "Sanford and Son" – a loving, bickering, father and son duo bonded by one great passion: finding cool, old stuff that they can sell for a profit.

Photo for Burn Up

Burn Up

Featuring Bradley Whitford, Neve Campbell and Rupert Penry-Jones, the mini-series follows best friends Tom, an up-and-coming oilman and Mack, a top oil lobbyist calling the shots in Washington who find themselves suddenly at odds when Holly, an environmental activist, infiltrates Tom’s company. She opens Tom’s eyes to …


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Coal Country

In response to the current dialogue regarding coal mining and the tragedy in West Virginia, Planet Green will be airing the documentary COAL COUNTRY in its REEL IMPACT documentary block.

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COASTWATCH follows the men and women of New Zealand's Ministry Of Fisheries, who patrol and protect the country's precious marine environment. The task at hand is never easy - from breaking up illegal fishing, to catching highly organized poaching rings with criminal networks - and no day is the same.

Photo for Conviction Kitchen

Conviction Kitchen

What do you get when you take one world-renowned chef, throw in 24 ex-cons with no culinary experience, and give them just three weeks to open a high-end restaurant from scratch? Conviction Kitchen follows Marc Thuet, Executive Chef and his wife and business partner, Biana Zorich, as they put their reputations on the l…

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Conviction Kitchen Season 2

World-renowned French chef Marc Thuet and his wife and business partner, Biana Zorich, put their reputations on the line as they open a high-end restaurant in Vancouver staffed by ex-cons with no culinary or restaurant experience. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for these individuals to turn their lives around.


Photo for Dangerous Trade

Dangerous Trade

Planet Green explores the risky and forbidding world of the illegal wildlife trade in, DANGEROUS TRADE premiering Sunday, June 6 at 10PM (ET) in its REEL IMPACT documentary block.

Photo for Dean of Invention

Dean of Invention

DEAN OF INVENTION follows Dean Kamen, world-renowned inventor of The Segway, insulin pump, and robotic prosthetic "Luke Arm," and correspondent, Joanne Colan, as they investigate the emerging technologies being developed to tackle the most daunting global challenges of today.

Photo for Detroit in Overdrive

Detroit in Overdrive

In a world premiere television event, Planet Green and General Motors present DETROIT IN OVERDRIVE, the story of a diverse citizenry working together to overcome tremendous odds to rebuild their cherished Motor City - and create a 21st Century Detroit.

Photo for Dresscue Me

Dresscue Me

Follow the fashion world's best-kept secret-Shareen Mitchell, beloved by fashionistas and recessionistas alike for her unique, affordable approach to vintage clothing. A self-taught designer with retail outlets on both coasts, Mitchell is renowned for her ability to give new life to dowdy old dud.


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Earth Month

Planet Green—television’s destination for conscious living—is introducing EARTH MONTH, a multiplatform celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, with elements on-air, online and in the community.

Photo for Emeril Green Season 2

Emeril Green Season 2

Emeril Green, hosted by Chef Emeril Lagasse, helps real people solve cooking problems by utilizing fresh and organic sources of food to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Photo for The Fabulous Beekman Boys

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

What do you get when you combine a former Martha Stewart Vice President, a drag queen turned ad exec and New York Times bestselling author, an estate and farm in upstate New York, a few quirky neighbors and goats, pigs and a llama to boot?  In the case of Planet Green, it's their next primetime docu-series The Fabu…

Photo for The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special

This December, join The Fabulous Beekman Boys (a.k.a. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell) as they celebrate the holiday season with panache on THE FABULOUS BEEKMAN BOYS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

Photo for The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Season 2

The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Season 2

Two city-slickers turn gentleman farmers are back on the farm in Season 2: Rasing goats, dealing with a very tempermental llama, and striving to keep a

Photo for Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff

Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff

Bob Woodruff of ABC News returns to the anchor desk for a new weekly eco-newscast, FOCUS EARTH WITH BOB WOODRUFF, on Planet Green. Each week on FOCUS EARTH, Woodruff covers the environmental news of the week, looking at subjects ranging from climate impact, environmental policy, political debate and world events, as wel…

Photo for Future Food

Future Food

Imagine a world where people can save fuel by taking the delivery driver out of the equation and download pizza off the internet. Meet gastronomists Omar Cantu and Ben Roche: renowned chefs, successful restaurateurs, patent-owning mad scientists and celebrated futurists!


Photo for G Word

G Word

“Green.” Does a day go by anymore without hearing the “G” word? How does all of this green information translate into actions and resources for everyday life? In Planet Green’s new daily series, hosted by MTV news correspondent SuChin Pak and CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg, viewers hear …

Photo for Greenovate


From the producers of TLC’s popular series Flip That House, comes a new half-hour series that gives an eco-friendly nod to the homeowners who are taking strides to make the world a better place for living.

Photo for Greensburg Season 3

Greensburg Season 3

Greensburg, KS captured the hearts of people around the world after an EF5 tornado devastated the city on May 4, 2007. Now in the final chapter of this inspiring story, Planet Green documents how the enormous task of transforming a small city into a sustainable center has become a reality.

Photo for Gutted


Planet Green explores the fascinating relationship that hoarders have with their accumulated junk - and how their habit can take over their lives - in the U.S. premiere of GUTTED.


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Heaven Help Her

Los Angeles-based Alexandra Conrads is not your typical minister: She plays in a heavy metal band, and her looks and language are strictly rock n’ roll.


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Kill It, Skin It, Wear It

Host Merrilees Parker takes veiwers through the fur industry to explore the recent revival of one of fashions most popular – and controversial - trends.

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King Corn

A 2008 Peabody Award winner, KING CORN follows college best friends Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis move to the heartland to learn where their food comes from. The boys successfully grow America’s most productive and subsidized grain, but will find troubling questions about how we eat––and how we farm.


Photo for Living with Ed Season 3

Living with Ed Season 3

LIVING WITH ED chronicles the day-to-day, eco-friendly adventures of actor Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle as they navigate life in Los Angeles with Ed always trying to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint in his wake. This season follows the couple as they embark on an unlikely trip to Vegas (yes, Ed in Ve…


Photo for Mean Green Machines

Mean Green Machines

They may be better for the environment but are green machines as fast and furious as their not so earth-friendly counterparts?

Photo for Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack

A night owl with a killer appetite for a fourth meal of the day, MIDNIGHT SNACK chronicles Steven Smith’s mission to find the best late-night menu items in cities across the country.


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Oceans Blue

A team of underwater explorers including Philippe Cousteau embarks on a yearlong mission to unlock the mysteries of some of the world's most famous oceans--whether through archeology, geology, marine biology, or anthropology.

Photo for Operation Wild

Operation Wild

Whether it’s rescuing distressed boaters, wrangling defiant alligators or hunting down nighttime poachers, it’s never a typical day for the officers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Using boats, helicopters, airboats or patrol vehicles, the men and women of the FWC protect Florida’s peopl…

Photo for Operation Wild Season 2

Operation Wild Season 2

From wild crocodile attacks, to run-ins with drunken sailors, to life-or-death swamp rescues; there is no such thing as a boring day at the office for the men and women of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC).


Photo for Pirate for the Sea

Pirate for the Sea

Pirate for the Sea is a biographical film of Captain Paul Watson, the youngest founding member of Greenpeace Canada. He organized early campaigns protesting the killing of seals, whales, and dolphins. Greenpeace ejected him for being too much of an activist. Starting his own organization, the Sea Shepherd Conservation S…


Photo for Reel Impact

Reel Impact

Reel Impact is a powerful weekly two-hour block of documentary programming set to launch September 12th. The new block will air 8 p.m.–10 p.m. ET Saturdays and will repeat Thursdays at 11 p.m.–1 a.m. ET. It kicks off with the television debut of documentary feature The Last Beekeeper by director Jeremy Simmons.

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Reel Impact Season 2

Premieres of strong, provocative documentaries will continue throughout 2010, as Planet Green unveiled the slate for the second season of its documentary strand, REEL IMPACT. The network has become home for issue-oriented, award-winning filmmaking every Saturday night at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) inside its VERGE primetime block.

Photo for Renovation Nation Season 2

Renovation Nation Season 2

Emmy® Award-winning television host Steve Thomas is back on Renovation Nation to an eclectic group of people and families across the country achieve their green project dreams.


Photo for Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens

Stuff. It’s created, purchased, eaten, moved, loved and used -- but where did it come from in the first place and what happens after we are through with it? In STUFF HAPPENS, Nye takes viewers on a journey as each item’s life cycle is investigated and uncovered. Along the way, he illustrates how simple and easy changes …

Photo for Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars

Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars

We're hitting the road with competitive eater Suzanne French, in search of the best "pig-out" joints across America. This petite 28-year-old, ranked fourth in the world, will prowl the country's greasiest-spoons, short-order eateries and traveling food trucks for the country's favorite grub spots.


Photo for Ultimate Power Builders

Ultimate Power Builders

Ultimate Power Builders defies all four basic elements (earth, air, heat, and water) to engineer big, ambitious and environmentally-friendly projects that will shape the Earth's landscape for future generations, while providing unlimited sources of energy. Watch as the construction of one mega-structure after another ev…


Photo for Wa$ted! Season 2

Wa$ted! Season 2

Actress, author and activist, Annabelle Gurwitch, proves that American homeowners don’t have to go to extremes to live a healthier more environmentally friendly lifestyle and save money at the same time.

Photo for Wa$ted! Season 3

Wa$ted! Season 3

Host Annabelle Gurwitch helps Americans to clean up their act in an all-new season premiere of Planet Green’s original network series, WA$TED!

Photo for What's On Your Plate?

What's On Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate? is a witty and provocative documentary produced and directed by award-winning Catherine Gund about kids and food politics. Filmed over the course of one year, the film follows two eleven-year-old multi-racial city kids as they explore their place in the food chain. Sadie and Safiyah take a close l…

Photo for World's Greenest Homes

World's Greenest Homes

From hi-tech super-homes fit for a Hollywood star to experimental eco-dwellings that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film, this series profiles high concept, one-of-a-kind homes to die for -- and every single one of them has top-notch green credentials and an array of mind-blowing eco-innovations.