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Find Love Live Season 1

Premieres Monday, June 22 at 11pm ET/PT

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Innovative Series Grew Week Over Week

(Los Angeles, CA) — Just in time to spice up your summer, the late-night love fest for singles across the country continues, as TLC announced today that its bold new entrant into the 11pm hour, FIND LOVE LIVE! will return with additional episodes beginning Monday, June 22 at 11pm ET/PT. The series is hosted by Sukanya Krishnan (FOX5NY).

America’s love affair with the series is heating up: FIND LOVE LIVE! is cable’s #1 live program with women in late night during the stay-at-home period reaching over 5.0M Total Viewers.

“TLC continues to draw audience gains from our night owls looking for love, and they are absolutely responding to our newly expanded late-night programming lineup,” said Howard Lee, President and GM, TLC. “FIND LOVE LIVE! has been a fun, wild ride already and a natural fit nestled in with the rest of our love and relationship shows. 

Social distancing during a pandemic isn’t stopping singles from looking for “the one”—the search for human connection is in our DNA. Virtual dating is hotter than ever, and here to turn up the heat beyond swiping right and left is the FIND LOVE LIVE! party, giving viewers more opportunity to find their match LIVE on Monday nights with the help of America and social media.



During each episode of FIND LOVE LIVE!, love-hungry singles can engage in flirtatious banter and even put potential suitors on the hot seat live, via video, all in the hopes of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. That also means anyone watching the show can get in on the action (or apply on the week leading up) for their shot at love. America will also lean in and voice their opinion via Twitter while playing the role of matchmaker; viewers will be encouraged to cast their votes in real time on who they think should be selected for the virtual date using hashtags for their favorite match. Host Sukanya (or Suki) will serve as wing woman throughout the process before the singles make their decision. Once the choice is made, the couple will embark on their first virtual meet up, to be shared with viewers on the following week. Love is loud, love is crazy and just maybe, love can be found with a little help from America, the internet and live TV!

FIND LOVE LIVE! is a remote production that follows strict social distancing guidelines and all dates will be virtual.  TLC is dedicated to help our viewers to stay informed, stay safe and stay connected.  

Those looking for love can visit and sign up for a chance to be selected for the show. You can also watch all of the show’s Virtual Dates, meet more singles and find love and relationship advice. Follow TLC on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube for the latest on FIND LOVE LIVE! and join the conversation on Twitter using #findlovelive every Monday night to vote on which suitor YOU think should have a chance at love. 

FIND LOVE LIVE! is produced by Discovery Studios for TLC.