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OutDaughtered Season 5

Premieres Tuesday June 2 at 9pm ET/PT

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–OUTDAUGHTERED Premieres Tuesday, June 2 at 9pm ET/PT


(Silver Spring, MD) — Tuesday nights have never been more crowded as TLC invites everyone’s favorite families of multiples into viewers’ homes with newepisodes of OUTDAUGHTERED and SWEET HOME SEXTUPLETS. Fans can catch up with the Busbys and America’s first, all-female quintuplets on the premiere of OUTDAUGHTERED on Tuesday, June 2 at 9pm ET/PT, with the season taking an unprecedented turn as the rise of the novel coronavirus takes hold, camera crews fall away and the family is forced to make difficult decisions for Blayke and the quints all while self-filming their new normal. Then, on Tuesday, June 16 at 10pm, the Waldrops and their nine children return with season three of SWEET HOME SEXTUPLETS.



With five almost five-year-olds and one precious preteen, life has always been hectic for the Busby family. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect life in Houston, the Busbys already had their plates full with new school schedules, approaching milestones and family trips to plan. The new season begins with the girls’ Father-Daughter Dance on the horizon, and Adam is determined to bring all six girls. But when he and Danielle worry that it might be too much for him to handle on his own, he has to break the bad news to the girls. Plus, with Riley moving ahead to kindergarten, the Busbys’ routine continues to grow more complicated. Making life ‘normal’ has never been easy for this family of eight; how will the Busbys handle this new chapter of life as each girl develops at her own pace?


Deciding to take a special family vacation to Wyoming, Blayke and quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker and Hazel are excited to see snow for the very first time and learn to ski. But when they return from their trip, the world comes to an abrupt halt with the fallout of the novel coronavirus. Quarantining with quints is a challenge that no parent can ever be fully prepared for. Plans for birthdays, Easter holiday and a potential eye procedure for Hazel begin to unravel as the family adjusts to the pandemic, shifts to homeschooling Blayke and the quints while trying to make the best decisions for the family’s health and safety. As Texas ramps up its safety measures with a stay-at-home order, the final episode of the season takes place using completely self-shot footage of the Busby family while the reality of quarantine and social distancing sets in.


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OUTDAUGHTERED is produced by Discovery Studios in association with The Boardwalk Entertainment Group for TLC.