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Zak Bagans

Series: "Ghost Adventures"

Zak Bagans is the host, lead investigator and an executive producer of Travel Channel’s popular series “Ghost Adventures.” With his paranormal investigation team, Bagans travels to domestic and international locations rumored to be haunted in search of evidence proving the existence of the supernatural.

After graduating from film school in Michigan, Bagans moved to Nevada to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. There, he met fellow “Ghost Adventures” investigator Aaron Goodwin. Their first paranormal investigations as a team took place all over Nevada, and the footage led to an award-winning, nationally-televised documentary, Ghost Adventures. Their concept was picked up by Travel Channel and commissioned as a series. Bagans has also served as host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks,”
Netherworld” and “Deadly Possessions,” as well as an executive producer for Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi” and “Paranormal Challenge.” In 2004, Bagans founded the world's largest paranormal organization, The Ghost Adventures Crew, which consists of over 10,000 members.

Along with his television credits, Bagans has directed, produced and starred in the documentary The Demon House, where he investigates one of the most well-documented case of demonic possession in America. The film had a theatrical release and hit #1 on iTunes’ documentary and horror charts. He has also served as an executive producer on the feature film, Sympathy, Said the Shark.

In 2017 Bagans opened The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, an award-winning attraction. (Las Vegas Mayor’s Urban Design Award). The Museum contains over 30 themed rooms and exhibits inside a 12,000-square-foot historic mansion, and has been touted as “a truly amazing attraction” by Las Vegas Weekly. The museum attracts more than 7,000 visitors per month.

In 2012, Bagans joined efforts with Lords of Acid’s Praga Khan on an 11-track album titled NecroFusion (reached #1 on iTunes) that incorporates audio captured from Bagans’ own paranormal investigations.  Additionally, he’s penned two books with Kelly Crigger: I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead (Victory Belt, 2015) and Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew (Victory Belt, 2011), which debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list at #18.

Bagans currently resides in Las Vegas, Nev.