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Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 11 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Nov 10 at 7:00 pm

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- Learn about popular breeds with the most comprehensive dog encyclopedia on television -

Heroes. Healers. Friends. Confidantes. Animal Planet celebrates the bond between Man and his much-touted "best friend" on DOGS 101. With stories, facts, and anecdotes that will baffle and astound you, DOGS 101 is a fun crash course about all things canine!

With over 800 dog breeds recognised worldwide, the spotlight will fall on the adorable, the feisty and the unexpected. A rundown of everyone's favourite dog breeds from Airedale Terrier to Labrador, DOGS 101 will survey the top 50 breeds for their behavioural quirks, genetic history, famous relations, and wildest trivia. Which came first, the Doberman or the Miniature Pinscher? Is the French Bulldog the loudest snorer? Did John Wayne's Airedale give him his nickname? Which canine breed is an internationally certified lifeguard? These questions and more will be answered on Animal Planet's DOGS 101.

Also in a special episode, meet a menagerie of "First Dogs" who share a unique personal connection with the US Presidents, having lived side by side with the First Family. Dog lovers and pet owners will be fascinated by interesting trivia as the series takes a look at some of the most popular dog breeds.

DOGS 101 episode descriptions:

Episode 1: French Bulldog/ Poodle/ Airedale/ Chihuahua/ Labrador
Can the Poodle actually read? Is the French Bulldog the loudest snorer? Did John Wayne's Airedale give him his nickname? Do Labradors swim faster than ducks? And is the Chihuahua actually related to a fox? Learn the history and unique traits of the French Bulldog, Airedale, Labrador, Chihuahua and Poodle; be prepared to be amazed as these breeds live out their legacies as heroes, healers, friends and brainiacs. 

Episode 2: Rottweiler/ Boston Terrier/ Basset Hound/ Shar Pei/ St. Bernard
Can a dog use its ears to smell? What breed has a sixth sense about avalanches? Does this breed really sneeze in reverse? How did wrinkles and a magazine cover save this dog from extinction? And what breed is so aggressive it is banned in some towns, yet inspired a children's book? Take a walk in the paws of the Rottweiler, Boston Terrier, Basset Hound, Shar Pei and St Bernard, and get a dog's eye view at the incredible bond shared by people and their pups.

Episode 3: Jack Russell/ Golden Retriever/ Pembroke Corgi/ Vizsla/ German Shepherd
What canine breed can do 'the Moonwalk'? What pooch moves like a cat but doesn't smell like a dog? What breed has the strongest jaws in the dog world? Experience an encyclopedic view of the German Shepherd, Jack Russell, Golden Retriever, Vizsla, and Pembroke Corgi. Be inspired as these pooches protect and defend, break world records, brave the water, cheer their owners on and dance the night away - all for some belly rubs and a pat on the head.

Episode 4: Boxer/ Brishon Frise/ Newfoundland/ Beagle/ Dachshund
Which canine breed is an internationally certified lifeguard? What pooch was worn around royalty's neck like jewelry? Which breed came first the 'hot dog' or the dog that 'looks' like a sausage? Get to know the Newfoundland, Bichon Frise, Dachshund, Boxer and Beagle on this episode. Cute as buttons, amazingly resilient, fearless, loyal and always adventurous, these dog tales will surprise you.

Episode 5: Westie/ Irish Setter/ Doberman/ Miniature Pinscher/ Whippet
Which pooch has night vision? Which came first, the Doberman or the Miniature Pinscher? What dog is born with an extra large chest? Which breed is a champion varmint chaser? Which dog has the most hits on the Internet? The spotlight is on the Doberman, West Highland Terrier, Irish Setter, Miniature Pinscher and Whippet - they will delight you with their compassion, speed and raw talent.

Episode 6: Bloodhound/ Yorkshire Terrier/ Great Dane/ Shih Tzu/ Rhodesian Ridgeback
Which canine's nose knows it all? Which breed is among the tallest? And which pup honks like a goose? On this episode of DOGS 101, we will meet the Bloodhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Great Dane, Shih Tzu and Rhodesian Ridgeback. From nose to tail, each of these dogs has their own exceptional story to tell.

Episode 7: English Bulldog/ Collie/ Wire Fox Terrier/ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Which breed befriended both Darwin and Einstein? What pup has earned more than the president himself? And which dog was banned from the streets of Rome? On this episode of DOGS 101, the stories of the Wire Fox Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Collie and the English Bulldog will inevitably tickle your insides.

Episode 8: Pug/ Weimaraner/ Maltese/ Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier/ Akita
Which breed inspires the art of photographer William Wegman? Can a dog really partake in religious ceremonies? Which dog is the most revered in Japan? And which canine befriended both Queen Victoria and B.B. King? Discover the quirks of the Pug, Weimaraner, Maltese, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Akita on this episode of DOGS 101.

Episode 9: Presidential Dogs
Did you know that more pooches than presidents have lived in the White House? In this special episode of DOGS 101, we will meet a menagerie of "First Dogs" - from purebreds to mixed breeds - all of which share a special connection with the Presidents themselves, having lived side by side the First Family.