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Killer Aliens

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Sept 9 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Aug 9 at 8:00 pm; Australasia on Sept 5 at 6:30 pm

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- Find out how foreign invaders are wreaking havoc on ecosystems and threatening the survival of native species -

Florida has been invaded by KILLER ALIENS. The Sunshine State is being overrun by non-native species such as lethal Burmese pythons, feral hogs, Nile monitor lizards and Gambian rats the size of cats, that are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and natural species. With no natural predators, the populations of these KILLER ALIENS continue to multiply, to the point where the lives of endemic species and humans are being threatened. This month, Animal Planet finds out what it takes to battle KILLER ALIENS in a one-hour special.

KILLER ALIENS are non-native species that have been imported by humans, most commonly a direct result of peoples' obsession with having exotic animals as pets. When these creatures become too much to handle or when the novelty has worn out, they are irresponsibly disposed of into forests, swamps and even backyards, leading to long-lasting and often dangerous consequences. Hurricane Andrew helped shed light on the problem of invasive species when buildings destroyed by the storm enabled many creatures to escape from zoos and other places where they were confined.

As these unwanted critters have no natural predators in the foreign land into which they were introduced, their populations increase rapidly, spreading disease, destroying vegetation and crops, and preying on native species. In addition, the invasive creatures must now compete with native species for food and habitat - often, only too well. This poses a serious threat for animals that are already endangered such as the Key Largo wood rat.

It is a race against time to fight this ecosystem nightmare as the front lines are expanding and no one knows where these KILLER ALIENS are headed to next. Find out how Florida is tackling the problem of KILLER ALIENS, this month on Animal Planet.