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Wildwives of Savannah Lane

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Aug 30 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Sept 9 at 8:00 pm; Australasia on Jul 17 at 8:30 pm

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We were always told that male animals are the strongest, most seductive and protective, and most handsome in nature... in short, they rule. But not on WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE. This month, Animal Planet casts the spotlight on the overlooked females of the animal kingdom in WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE. Find out who the real queens of the savannah are when WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANEpremieres this month.

Meet Esther the female elephant, Laura the lioness, Victoria the female cheetah and Josiane the female baboon - the original WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE. Seemingly submissive and always loyal, these females can actually be dominant, manipulative and often unfaithful!

Offering quirky, new insight into relationships in nature, discover the destinies and adventures of these characters in wild Africa where females impose their law and rules, and outdo their male counterparts on WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE.

Based on real observations and scientific data in association with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, three-part series Wildwives of Savannah Lane portrays the animals as characters from a certain social group, and challenges our chauvinistic view of the African plains. Don't be surprised to discover that the animal kingdom bears astounding similarities to the human world!

WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE episode descriptions:

The Art of Being a Queen
Is there one female among all the animals best-equipped to confront the ruthlessness of life on the savannah? Is it Lauren and her powerful clan of lionesses? Or perhaps Victoria, the solitary cheetah? Thanks to her tremendous capacity for adaptation, does Josie the female baboon fare better than the others? And if Esther the elephant seems infallible, her life isn't one big party either. In reality, the most well-adapted might not necessarily be who you think it is.

The Art of Seduction
The Art of Seduction aims to disprove most of the preconceived ideas on the status and relationships between males and females. Through Marie-Angel and Cathy's revelations about the characters, discover their little secrets, weaknesses and qualities. Find out by the end of the episode, who best uses seduction and her assets to get what she wants.

The Art of Being a Mother
The Art of Being a Mother is more complex than any of us could have imagined. Even in the animal kingdom, mothers have a lot to teach us. They are guarantors of the savannah's diversity, picky about their partners, yet in most cases, utterly devoted to their young. Which creatures among these have perfected The Art of Being a Mother?