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Amazon Abyss

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The Amazon is the last great unknown region on Earth, but what lies beneath the great river's surface? Animal Planet embarks on an extraordinary pioneering journey deep into the heart of a dangerous and beautiful world. Amazingly, scientists have only just discovered that the Amazon and its tributaries have astonishing hidden depths - 120 metre deep plunge pools inhabited by some of Earth's strangest creatures including primitive dolphins, giant pink electric knife fish, weird spoon-faced-whip-tails, giant black piranha, two-metre long man-eating catfish, stingrays and bull sharks. Viewers discover these 'freaks of the deep' along with the experts and meet the Amazon's iconic jungle animals - anacondas, crocodiles, dolphins, jaguars, tarantulas, manatees, monkeys and parrots, all of whose lives are connected to the mysterious river.