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Amba the Russian Tiger

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Gordon Buchanan heads east on his most testing trip to date, in search of the Russian tiger. Ussuriland, Russia, is his destination. This beautiful and unknown area has a surprising diversity of wildlife: wolf, bear, roe deer, sable, lynx and leopard. It also has the largest unbroken area of forest with the single largest population of tigers anywhere in the world. Anatoly Petrov will be his guide; he spends a lot of time in these forests and is one of the few people who have seen a wild tiger. This beautiful and remarkable film gives a unique insight into one of the most precious animals and forests left on earth. Will Gordon's journey end with true enlightenment, with a true and deep understanding of spirit Amba? And will he finally get to see a majestic Russian tiger as his spectacular journey in search of Amba the Russian Tiger draws to a close?