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New series ‘Animal Airport' follows the tales of the many creatures that pass through the doors of the Animal Reception Centre at the world's busiest airport, Heathrow in the UK. Nowhere else will you find as many species of animals as they journey- some legally, many illegally- across the globe. As well as thousands of dogs and cats, they've had almost every animal imaginable through their doors including; sloths, giant octopi, bears, elephants, tigers, lions, sharks, alpacas, venomous snakes, vampire bats and the British Olympic equestrian team. In the first episode, the mistreatment of animals heading for the pet trade is highlighted when a box of a hundred chameleons is intercepted, many of which are dead on arrival. Can the team save the rest? Plus, follow the staff as they get to grips with reception's grumpy resident crocodile and catch a man trying to smuggle a tortoise through customs in his underpants. Fascinating and emotional, this series tells the unforgettable stories of some very interesting travellers and the human counterparts who help them on their journey.