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Animal Cops Houston 18

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‘Animal Cops Houston' follows the work of the Houston SPCA cruelty Investigation unit as they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home unwanted, neglected or abused animals. Headed up by Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen and under the watchful eye of Houston SPCA President Patti Mercer, an eight strong team of specially trained Investigators are on call twenty four / seven to respond to emergency calls and cruelty reports. This series, the SPCA rescue more than sixty dogs from the home of a fraught animal hoarder. While she sleeps on the porch, the dogs have the run of the house and after years of neglect have turned feral and aggressive. Can the team safely remove these animals? Plus, investigator, Maverick Wagner seeks justice for the death of two huskies; the team carry out a rescue operation of over sixty cats from a decaying house; and the SPCA intervenes in a suspected cock-fighting operation.