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The UK’s Glasgow Vet Hospital is one of the best animal hospitals in the world, and is where sick and injured pets are referred when their own vets can no longer treat them. The vets here are highly specialised in their fields, and have state-of-the-art equipment at their fingertips. Each episode of ‘Animal ER’ features a diverse range of captivating stories, following the vets as they attempt to save the lives of these animals – sometimes against all the odds. In the first episode, Canine specialist Gerard Mclauchlan has to work fast to help Indie the whippet who’s been rushed in with severe breathing difficulties. Equine expert Mike Cathcart is confronted by Rosie, a lovable Highland Pony who’s suddenly become aggressive and unridable. And American vet Allison Hayley examines Oatie, a much loved family cat with a severely broken tail, leaving her owners with an agonising decision.