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Biggest and Baddest

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‘Biggest & Baddest' follows global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann as he goes on the trail of the largest, fiercest animals wherever they are found in the world. Climbing up mountain peaks, crossing jungle rivers, trekking across Arctic ice floes, and traversing desert dunes; Niall looks danger in the face and goes beyond the legends. He follows up on reported local sightings, getting as close as any human dares to these monstrous beasts. Niall's fearless approach is borne from years of expedition and fieldwork in many of these locations. Highlights of this fascinating six part series include watching Niall on the trail of reptiles, reportedly 30 feet in size or more and joining him and a team of locals on the hunt for a saltwater crocodile, one of the last true dinosaurs left in the wild.