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Call of the Wildman

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Call Of The Wildman gives viewers the opportunity to dive deep into the backwoods of wild Kentucky with legendary woodsman Ernie Brown Jr., aka "Turtleman", as he takes on some of the most outlandish and outrageous nuisance calls these woods have to offer. For the past three decades, Ernie has been diving into Kentucky's murkiest ponds in search of feisty snapping turtles capable of biting through bone. Accompanied by his dog Lolly, Turtleman has the uncanny ability to catch these animals with his bare hands and return them into the wild unscathed. His methods may not be traditional but are always effective. With a "trademark" celebratory yell following each successful capture, Turtleman's self-taught trapping style allows him to safely reintroduce frisky critters to nature. As well as turtles, Ernie takes on animals including raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders and possums.