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Corwin's Quest

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Jeff Corwin has been working for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems around the world since he was a teenager. In 'Corwin's Quest' is an adventurous series, filmed over many months in five continents, Jeff explores several themes or sensory qualities of animal behavior. In each episode in the 13-part series, Jeff explores a different aspect of animal life, unraveling the secrets behind sound, smell, speed, teamwork and the ultimate quality - survival! The 'sound' episode will explore an alligators bellow as Jeff travels by helicopter and airboat to get into a waterhole with a big male alligator as it calls for a mate. The 'teamwork' episode looks at Chimps that live in a complex society and Jeff is the latest member. These guys are in a constant power struggle to find out who's top chimp. Jeff keeps a low profile to keep from getting attacked.