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Dark Days In Monkey City

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Deep within the abandoned ruins of the ancient Sri Lankan city of Polonnaruwa, also known as Monkey City, a violent storm is brewing. Once ruled by Buddhist and Hindu kings, Monkey City is now home to countless monkey gangs that fight for supremacy. This exciting 13-part series blends graphic novel-style animation with live action to present an epic tale of love, treachery, betrayal and triumph. ‘Dark Days in Monkey City’ is based on the Smithsonian Primate Project, the longest-running study of primates in the world. Follow the mightiest tribe in Monkey City, the Temple Troop, as they defend the best territory in the area — Fig Tree Vale. Their ancient enemy, the Black Claws, will stop at nothing to conquer that territory and a bloody conflict is brewing. Now, more than ever, the ever-increasing tension between these two groups is on the edge of all-out war.