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Expedition Borneo

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Running down the spine of central Borneo is a chain of steep mountains, deep gorges and high plateaux. Protected from the outside world by this impenetrable terrain, the only people who survive in this wilderness are a few remote tribes. Now, a crack team of explorers, biologists, and film-makers explore this amazing world and the people who live there. Their aim? To discover rare animals and help create a giant new reserve in the Earth's last great 'Lost World'. Borneo is home to spectacular and dangerous animals - pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, javan rhino, sun bears, and the reticulated python, the longest snake ever recorded at a colossal 10 metres. And in the heart of Borneo remains the last great wilderness in south-east Asia. World conservation organisations, led by the WWF, are fighting for it to become an international nature reserve and the data collected and footage filmed in this series will be used in helping to secure this extraordinary wilderness for the future.