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Expedition Guyana

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Join a team of wildlife experts, scientists and climbers as they journey deep into the heart of some of the most dense, unexplored jungle in South American in ‘Expedition Guyana’. Though much of this extraordinary jungle remains untouched by man's presence, large swathes of this unique forest are now under threat as loggers set their sights on this impoverished country. In a bid to gather new information to help Guyana protect its environment, the Expedition team ventures into this virgin land. From catching the world’s largest tarantula and spying on monkeys and macaws high in the canopy, to searching for elusive Jaguars and exploring the depths of recently discovered plunge pools, the expert team of wildlife specialists including biologist George McGavin, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan and naturalist Steve Backshall seek out Guyana’s remarkable wildlife at every level of the jungle. But can they help to save this unique environment?