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I Shouldn't Be Alive 2

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I Shouldn't Be Alive 2, returns to reveal more extraordinary stories of human survival against all the odds. Each one-hour episode presents a true-life story of endurance, using accurate reconstructions and the first-hand testimony of those who managed to overcome extraordinary danger and even faced certain death. Each episode in the new series of ‘I Shouldn't Be Alive', looks at the crucial moments, chance events, moral dilemmas and life-or-death decisions of the survivors' and viewers will gain insight into the basic human instinct of survival in these extreme circumstances. Episode highlights include; three climbers, caught in a severe blizzard Mt McKinley. One goes snowblind, gets frostbite and drops their only radio; the rest must face risking a horrible fall off the mountain to save his life; a father and son, who whilst rafting in Alaska, get dragged under a freak stretch of ice; and two divers who after setting out on a tropical water dive, are left behind by their boat, drifting in the ocean.