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Infested S2

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Infested unearths the real-life horror stories of ordinary people plagued by extraordinary infestations inside their homes. This is not the occasional bug slipping through a crack in your wall - it's a full-on war for the victims whose nightmares are relived this season. Every one of these victims has suffered either physical harm or psychological trauma with some who may never feel safe and sound again. In this next series of Infested get up close and personal with nature's nastiest squatters, including spiders, possums, bedbugs, scorpions, bats and rats - all of which can spill out from the tiniest orifices and create a living terror. Each spine-tingling story is enhanced by macro-lens photography and stunning CGI recreations, which reveal how these critters strip humans of the four walls that protect them from the outside world. Infested is more than enough to make everyone shiver and check twice under the bed.