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Animal Planet invites viewers into a world dominated by ferocious rivalries, fierce bonds and extraordinary risk as it documents the behind-the-scenes lives of jockeys and their magnificent racehorses. The series follows the jockeys as they compete amongst each other during the course of a 30-day racing season. Months of preparation go into each one-to-two minute race, and jockeys ride as many as 10 races a day with an ambulance travelling at high speeds right behind the field of horses. The pressure is high as they risk life and limb, knowing that virtually every year an average of two jockeys die whilst racing in North America. Meet the superstars whose success depends on knocking out the competition. Big winners, who have won horse racing’s richest purses, live beside jockeys who have never won a race and struggle to make next month’s rent. Follow the action from pre-race jitters to the finish line – and everything in between.