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Meerkat Manor 4

In this season of Meerkat Manor', the Whiskers are a house divided. Splintered by the bitter rivalry of a powerful pair of sisters, the new families are locked in a struggle for dominance and survival in the Kalahari. Under the leadership of their matriarch Rocket Dog, the Whiskers are still battling against their arch enemies the Commandos and now their own sister Maybelline and her mob of rebellious subjects - the Aztecs. It's an archetypal tale of family feuds and fierce factions, one which threatens to undo them all. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain - life in the Manor will never be the same. With two tribes split by squabbling kin, will one sister rise to unite the family, or will fortune see them fall? Sibling rivalry adopts a whole new meaning in this season of Meerkat Manor'.