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Meet The Sloths

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In a sleepy corner of Costa Rica there is a very peculiar but extraordinary sanctuary. Run by Judy Avey-Arroyo for 20 years, this is the only sanctuary in the world devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths, and is home to over 160 of them, some of whom have become an internet sensation. It's an upside-down world where the secrets of one of nature's most enigmatic creatures are revealed. And it's not all about snoozing! This one-off special, filmed over the course of a year, captures the kookiness of sanctuary life through the stories of five main sloth characters including Toby, a newcomer to the sanctuary who was rejected by his mum. Toby quickly settles in to sloth school and starts learning how to behave like a sloth, including how to use the 'poo pole'! It reveals a surprising soap opera of love, loss and lust, with more than a twist of humour, and shows that a sloth's life is more than just slothful. Super cute and inseparable twins, Violet and Sebastian, are just three-months old and struggling for survival. Having developed a skin disorder they need to be shaved and put into special sloth pyjamas made from sports socks. Randy is the former King Lothario of the sanctuary area, guaranteed to rock-up whenever the females are in heat and screaming for attention, but he's broken his arm after getting in a brawl with another male and falling from a tree, and is struggling to abide by the 'No Sex' house rule. And then there is Buttercup who was the first to arrive on Judy's doorstep and is her 'true daughter'. At 20 years-old she is the oldest living captive sloth and the matriarch rules over her slumbering empire from her very own wicker hanging chair.