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Pet Passport

Pet Passport is a fascinating series that reveals all the action at the Par Air Centre. Animal Planet follows the comings and goings of the animals - and not forgetting their owners - at Britain's busiest pet shipping agents. This fly on the wall series will follow the day-to-day goings on at this family run firm, as well as telling the stories of the animals residing there and the families they are waiting to be reunited with. Join the pets on their journeys too, whether it be by land, sea or air, and whether they may travel in the hold or, for the more jet-set-pet travelling on Iberia and United Airlines, where they will be occupying seats next to their owners and enjoying the in-flight movie. Follow these beloved cute and cuddly critters such as Joey the ferret is making his first trip abroad as his family are relocating to France and Snowy the rabbit came in for her quarantine and on her first night gave birth! So come along for the ride with these prized pets.